The Life of Giant Geckos, First Edition

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Written by Philippe De Vosjoli, Frank  Fast & Allen Repashy. 158 pages.

Published by Advanced Visions, Inc.

This book is already out of print and selling at a premium.  There is no plan for a Second Edition.  Get your copy while you still can! 

Reaching near 16 inches and weighing up to a pound, the giant geckos of New Caledonian are currently the largest of the living geckos. Giant Geckos are also remarkable in their social behaviors, forming monogamous pair bonds with habits similar to those of hollow-nesting birds.

Although once considered rare, these impressive lizards are now captive-bred in the reptile hobby. They rank among the best of reptile pets, being relatively docile and easy to house and care for.

The Life of Giant Geckos, 137 pages and illustrated with 150 color photographs, presents updated information on the natural history, social behaviors, captive husbandry and propagations of these fascinating lizards.

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Fantastic book that is impossible to find in the states! Northern Geckos customer service is top notch, with fast shipping.
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