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Uromastyx Plus Other Common Agamids

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Uromastyx, Plus Other Common Agamids   By Jerry G. Walls.  88 Pages. ©2009.

Uromastyx are beautiful pets.  These large lizards are more than just pretty faces – they also have strict requirements for temperature, humidity, and diet.  This revised edition includes expert-written advice on selecting, feeding, and caring for your pet, as well as tips on breeding, health maintenance, and hosing.  A special chapter showcases popular species – such as the ornate and Egyptian uros – that are now easy to find, keep and breed.  You’ll also learn about other common agamids including sailfin lizards, frilled dragons, and painted agamas.  Make sure your Herpetocultural Library is complete with this essential guide to responsible reptile care.

Table of Contents

  • Uromastyx and the Family Agamidae
  • Selection
  • Housing
  • Feeding
  • Breeding
  • Health Maintenance
  • Popular Uromastyx Species
  • African Agamids
  • Asian Agamids
  • Australian Agamids
  • Resources
  • Index

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