Fernwood Totem, 2 Pack

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The Perfect Mounting Surface 

Tree Fern Orchid Totems (also known as Tree Fern Plaques, Tree Fern Slabs, Tree Fern Mounts, and Xaxim Orchid Mounts) are Ideal for use with all Epiphytes- Orchids, air plants, ferns, and more.


Natural and Beautiful 

As a natural product, no two Tree Fern totems are exactly the same. Slight variations in color, texture, and weight, provide a unique and appealing look for each new project making this a great alternative to potting in traditional orchid bark and other Orchid media.


Display Anywhere 

Fernwood tree fern totems are the perfect mounted Orchid solution for your hanging Orchids. They are soft enough to push wires through or create holes for string and can easily be tacked or glued to another surface like a post, wall, or terrarium glass.


Less Watering 

New Zealand Tree Fern is a denser, spongier, Orchid media and retains moisture better than Central or South American Tree Fern, cork board, bark, and driftwood mounts while still maintaining excellent aeration and drainage.


Responsibly Harvested and Full Sustainable

Poor harvesting strategies have led to tree fern sourced in Central and South America to become endangered and CITES listed. Fernwood makes every effort to ensure that the tree fern’s natural environment is not impacted by harvesting and maintains tree fern’s sustainability through proper care and management under strict Government regulations.

20" x 2" x 2"