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Besgrow SpagMoss Premium Sphagnum Moss

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Premium New Zealand Sphagnum Moss harvetsed from the prestine environment of New Zealand's Southern West Coast!

New Zealand Sphagnum moss is a versatile product renowned for its remarkable natural properties; it is long lasting with an excellent water holding capacity.

Besgrow Spagmoss is available in many different grades and specifically designed products to suit your requirements.

It is commonly used;
By commercial and hobby growers in the cultivation of various orchid species.
As a decorative enhancement.
In the Floristry industry.
For assisting with young plant growth.
By carnivorous plant growers.

For reptile bedding.
As an additive to increase water holding in other substrates


Available in sizes:

- 8L : Net 100g (0.22lb) when packed.  8L (1.67gal or 2.11 US Gal) when hydrated  (Super Compressed Brickette)

- 12L : 150g Net (1.33 lb) when packed. 12 L (2.64 gal or 3.17 US Gal) when hydrated

- 40 L : 500 gram = 40L / 10.57 US GAL when hydrated

- 240L : 3 kg = 240L / 63.4 US GAL when hydrated

NOTE:  All weights shown above are after the product has been REHYDRATED.  Water is removed from the product and it is sold dry to reduce shipping costs by reducing weight and volume. 

Zoo Med
Recommended Reptile Species :
  • African Fat-Tailed Gecko
  • Chameleons
  • Crested Gecko
  • Dart Frogs
  • Day Gecko
  • Fire Belly Toad
  • Green Iguana
  • Hermit Crab
  • Pacman Frog
  • Russian Tortoise
  • Uroplatus
8L / 100g (Compressed)
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3 oz. Jar
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The is the best moss I've ever seen. Add to that the great customer service and fast shipping and I couldn't be happier
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