Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you a store?

A: No, We are a private breeding facility. We take customers by appointment only whom generally just stop by to pick up product. You can order all of our items online on our online shopping cart ( items are generally shipped within 1 business day.


Q: Can you ship Live Animals?

A: Absolutely, In Canada we ship airport to airport. In the U.S.A we use FedEx next day to your door delivery. For orders outside of North America contact us about methods that we could use to ship to you.


Q: I live in the USA. Why does it cost so much for you to ship our gecko to us in the USA? We get geckos shipped to us all the time for a lot less.

A: We get asked time and time again if we can offer a deal on shipping. And I would like everyone to know how shipping works to the USA so you can all understand that you are already getting a GREAT deal on shipping at $85. In order for us to ship to the USA we need to maintain a US Fish & Wildlife permit with an annual fee of $100 USD. We also need to pay an inspection fee every time we enter the USA with a shipment of geckos, which is $165USD in 2011 (I think this is increasing every year). Along with that we need to pay about $350 USD in brokerage fees to enter your country. Plus we drive to Buffalo, NY to enter your country to save you ALL of this importation hassle and ship the gecko out from your side. This is a two hour drive each way, so tack on the price of gas and the time of one entire day spent shipping out geckos. Then let’s not forget the cost of first AM FedEx delivery in the USA. That ALONE is often $85 to some far parts of the USA like Florida and California. This is why we wait to pool orders together so we can offer you the price of $85 for shipping, but in the end we FOR SURE pay some of your shipping fees. So all in all, $85 seems like a pretty good deal to get a foreign bloodline into your country. We take the extra time and effort to do everything for you. Ask how many American breeders will ship animals to Canada and I already know you will only find a very small handful. This is how Northern Gecko goes the extra mile for you to bring geckos to your country. So, please consider this when you ask us if you can get a better deal on shipping. You are already getting the best deal possible, while we take care of all the international shipping hassles for you.


Q: Can you give me linage infomation for ____________ crested gecko?

A: Unfortunately, because we produce over 3000 geckos a year it is next to impossible for us to trace parentage lines like a smaller breeder could, at least not without great cost. Basically, we start with the highest quality geckos, produced in large quantities and select only the ones we deem to be the finest of the batch to individually raised and then offered to our customers.  We continue to improve our stock each year by adding more outstanding specimens to our breeding colony.  Our way of offering the most breath-taking animals is based on a VOLUME approach where we hand select and raise only the finest few from each season. However, this breeding paradigm does not afford us the luxury of being able to track lineage.