Q: Do you offer a live arrival guarantee?

A: Every gecko WE sell is backed by a 100% live arrival guarantee; however it is important that you are aware of the conditions in which WE WILL NOT offer a live arrival guarantee:

  •   If outdoor temperatures are lower than 1°C (34°F) or greater than 25°C (77°F) we cannot guarantee live arrival as New Caledonian geckos are very sensitive to extreme temperatures (especially extreme heat). We will not put your gecko(s) at risk by shipping outside of these temperatures, however if you insist that we ship your gecko(s) against our recommendation the buyer shall assume all responsibility and our live arrival guarantee will be null and void. Please make sure that you are aware of local weather forecasts in your city on the day of shipping. You can check weather forecasts here.
  •   The live arrival guarantee assumes that someone will be present to pick up/receive the gecko(s) when they arrive. If no one is there to accept shipment upon arrival, then the live arrival guarantee shall be null and void.

If an animal arrives expired (this is extremely rare) you MUST notify us within 12 hours of receipt. If we hear nothing from you within 12 hours we will assume the animals arrived alive and in good health and you are satisfied with your purchase. If an animal arrives expired, photographic evidence will be required. If you cannot provide photographic evidence, then you will be required to ship the expired animal back at your own expense. An animal that is D.O.A. will be replaced or a credit will be offered at our discretion.

Q: When can I expect to receive my gecko(s)?

A: We DO NOT ship out automatically after we receive payment for an animal as we need to know that the customer will be available to pick them up/receive them. After you have paid for your animals via an appropriate method we will mutually arrange a shipping day and destination airport where you would like to pick up your animals. 

We am more than happy and willing to hold your animals for you (free of charge) until we can find the right day to ship (for you, me and the geckos). Your geckos will be treated and cared for just like any other gecko in our facility until it is safe to ship. We would rather keep the geckos safe at our facility for a longer period of time then risk their welfare by shipping during less than optimal conditions. In Winter months expect delays in shipping, it is very hard to find safe days for the animals to be shipped.

Shipping must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance and will only be scheduled after payment has been made in full. For example, we cannot schedule a shipment contingent upon payment being made that day.


 Q: Will you keep my information private?

A: Absolutely.  Not only is our website equipped with an email encryption program, but we guarantee that we will not share, sell or make public, any information obtained from transactions that occur between you and us.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes. We now ship to the USA. Finally, U.S. customers can get some great Canadian Bloodline geckos delivered right to their door. We ship out to the USA bi-monthly or so (weather permitting). We do this to gather enough orders to send them out at once to keep delivery fees minimal as there are a LOT of fees involved in importing animals into the USA. We can have any number of geckos delivery to your door for only $100CDN.

Q: Do you offer a health, colour or sex guarantee?

A: 7-Day Health Guarantee

We guarantee that all geckos we sell are 100% healthy animals when they leave our facility. For this reason, we are willing to extend a 7-day health guarantee on all of our stock. If you are having problems with a newly acquired gecko that you purchased from us it is essential that you to contact us as soon as possible so that we can offer suggestions to remedy the situation. If you contact us after your gecko has expired there are no suggestions, we can offer at that point. Adjusting to some new enclosure and new surroundings can sometimes be a stressful period for a gecko. For this reason, it is important to keep an eye on your new gecko(s) for the first week or so. Beyond the seven day period I am unable to offer a health guarantee as we have no control over how the geckos will be looked after or to what diseases or parasites they might be exposed.  This policy is also open to interpretation at OUR sole discretion.  This means that if we feel something has gone wrong that we could have avoided, we will make it right, even if this is beyond the 7 day period.  We are very reasonable.

A: Sexing Policy

If we specify that a gecko is male or female then we make a 100% guarantee that it is sexed correctly. If we specify that a gecko is 95% female this means that there is a 5% chance that the assumption is erroneous, and it may in fact become male. Since all geckos look like females from birth and do not show any signs of being male until a certain size (usually 10-15 grams) I am not able to make a 100% guarantee on sex for animals quoted as such. There is always a chance, no matter how slim, that male organs can begin to develop. These geckos are not offered as 100% guaranteed sexable animals for this reason. Unsexed animals are offered with no promise of what sex they might become as there have yet to display any signs of sexual maturity. In the unlikely event that a gecko has been sexed incorrectly and my 100% sexing guarantee applies then the gecko will be replaced with one of the correct sex or a credit will be issued at our discretion. 

A: Gecko Tails

Geckos can drop their tails as a self-defense mechanism or for no apparent reason at all. I have personally witnessed this on several occasions and it can leave even the most avid hobbyist scratching their head. Some species regrow their tails while others will not. In the wild, many geckos will drop their tail to escape a predator and will live a long and normal life without it. It is for this reason that a lost tail is not considered to be a defect. This being the case, I cannot be held responsible if a gecko loses its tail during shipping. This has never happened to date but it is important that I state this policy as it is within the realm of possibility.

A: Gecko Colour

Northern Gecko has spent thousands of dollars on high-end lighting, camera equipment and software in order to represent my geckos as accurately as possible. Regardless of the quality of camera and lighting equipment used, colours will always look just a little bit different on each individual monitor. I have several monitors in my home I know that even from one computer to the next colours can appear slightly different. In fact, it is virtually impossible to make every picture look exactly the same on every person’s monitor. However, you can rest assured that the only modifications ever made to our photographs are resizing (shrinking), cropping and white balance adjustments (if the gecko comes out too red, too blue or too green). We will never modify a picture to make a gecko seem brighter or more high-contrast then it actually is.

There are many factors that affect a gecko’s colouration, such as the presence of food, level of stress and environmental factors like humidity. I photograph my geckos in a state when they are “fired up,” meaning that they are showing some of their finest colours. However, no matter how hard you try to get them in this state the geckos do not always cooperate. It is for this reason that I have often heard that the gecko ended up arriving looking “much nicer than it does in pictures.” To date, I have never had a single customer complain that the gecko they received had colouration that was misrepresented by its picture. In fact, I hear allot of the opposite as many people often tell me the picture did not do the gecko justice. With this in mind please be aware that I cannot offer refunds based on a lack of or misrepresentation of colour.

Q: What Currency is NorthernGecko.NET in?

A: All gecko prices are displayed in CDN (Canadian) Currency.  Check currency converter for your most up-to-date rate: WWW.XE.COM

Q: I was trying to buy a product with my geckos and it took everything out of my cart?

A: We Currently only ship our dry goods within Canada. Canadians can still add dry goods to their cart and they will ship out immediately. **Your gecko will not be shipped with your dry goods in most cases**

Q:Why can’t I purchase a gecko off your cart?

A: Our cart is only setup for sales within North America. If you are still interested in geckos from us but are not in NA, Give us a call at 1-855-436-5646 or email at and let us know what you’re looking for!

Q:Do you do payment plans?

A: We only offer a ONE PAYMENT plan.  And this is to split your payment into to payments due one month apart.  You will be required to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit to HOLD your animal(s).  The final payment will then be due one month from the deposit date.  Sometimes for larger sized orders (10 or more animals) we can negotiate other plans. If I agree to the plan, then we have a deal. We will work out a payment schedule and agree upon the schedule. The catch is that you must follow through with all payments as agreed upon or you forfeit all payments that have already been made. The animal will be put on HOLD until the payment plan is complete. The animal can then be shipped after full payment has been received. If youre interested in a payment plan please contact us at

Q: I want to purchase multiple geckos and would like a discount!



Q: I have other questions!!!!

A: Thats okay!!! We are always here to help :) 
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