I have purchased multiple items for my tortoises from these guys. Quality MVBs are hard to come by and i have always been able to get any lights i needed from these guys at good prices. I really like the free shipping as well!
Thank you you guys have the best customer service and your prices are super reasonable
I always enjoy the products and variety of supplies stocked by Northern Gecko. Your customer service is outstanding and the pricing is competitive and sometimes better than others, which is why I keep coming back.
Thanks, Jeremy, I do like 99% of Northern Gecko’s stock of products - and animals. Mark and you all are really great.
You guys are really amazing, I swear you have the best customer service I've ever known!
The seller is extremely nice and ready to help with any problems that arise. I was very impressed.
You guys always have the best prices for canned/packaged reptile food! We feed these and the ProBugs along with LIVE feeders to give our reptiles even more selection! (Since grasshoppers, roaches, etc are illegal in Canada.) Thanks so much for always having such a great selection and great prices!!!
- Linda
Northern Gecko has everything you need and more. They have great stuff, great prices and absolutely the BEST customer service. Customer service is one of the most important things when buying online so you can feel comfortable to shop. I will support them forever with any of my reptile needs. Thank you Northern Gecko.
Since my kids have been bored during the pandemic; I decided to get them some praying mantises (my daughter is terrified of insects). Figured the mantises would help with her phobia and would be fun collecting food for them. I turned to you guys for all my habitat needs. Just wanted to say thanks for how your team handled my recent order. The prices were good, checkout process was straightforward and seamless. Best of all, my order was packed neatly and safely for when I picked it up and was greeted by your friendly staff.

I remember when you first started Northern Gecko and I was buying geckos from you in your basement. You’ve come along way and happy for your success.
Thanks for a great shopping experience
Stay safe and all the best!
Absolutely brilliant! My package arrived containing exactly what I ordered, at the exact time you said it would arrive, in the exact location AND it cost me exactly what you said it would. I am thrilled!
Good afternoon NGI team, I just wanted to say thank you for my order, and thank you for the top notch packaging! It arrived in perfect shape- sadly some of your fellow reptile suppliers down here could not send even a tube bulb here without breaking en route. You really have a great outfit up there and I will definitely be ordering more from you in the future- thanks again
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