I just want to say thanks. I ordered some repashy food on your site and received it 24 hours later. I was expecting to be at least 3-4 business days ( that would be normal) but you guys are fast.

I will definitely continue to order from your site even if I don't buy a lot because I only have 1 gecko.

Thank you Thank you

I really appreciate that Northern Gecko stocks brands that have been hard to find (or prohibitively expensive) in my city. Placing my order was easy, and I really appreciated receiving an email from Mark in response to a question I had about my order (and another question about vivarium set up). The items were delivered very quickly, and I am very happy with my new terrarium accessories! I am certain I will be ordering from northern gecko in the future.

Thanks mark!
I have purchased my geckos from mark on more than one occasion. The first time I ordered I intended to introduce some canadian bloodlines to my existing bloodlines from the united states.

I was amazed at the quality of his geckos. Most importantly the very important combination of health,structure and genetics. I feel that mark is unsurpassed when it comes to his geckos being the whole package.

I have been into geckos for over 10 years .I own some way above average geckos yet marks geckos always surprise me. They are amazing in photos but when you get them in your possession you are left scratching your head and saying wow.

I even kidded with mark and told him that with the standard he is setting it will be tough for him to keep on producing geckos of such magnitude.how can you beat that last knockout?. Yet somehow he does.

On top of all that his customer service and his employees are always available and willing to help any way they can.and the concerns are genuine. The combination of high quality animals along with impeccable customer service is rare indeed . I have had long conversations with mark and it has always been a pleasure. I'm still recovering from opening this current shipment of geckos. Phenomenal is all I can say. I'll be doing business with him for a long time to come. He is a great business owner who truly cares about his animals and your needs. At the same time you can feel he is also a friend in the reptile industry. Can't say enough. We need more like him in the industry.

Tom- North Georgia
Hey Mark,

I wanted to thank you again for all of the help you have given me, and for the AMAZING new male crested!! He looked amazing in the photo on your website but it was NOTHING like he is in person! He is MASSIVE! He has the most unbelievable structure and, to my lovely surprise,he is crowned!

While he may still be very scared in his new environment he has already completed a clean shed and is active and eating like a champ. He is an amazing specimen and I now see why your geckos sell out so quickly! It is worth every penny to buy from you when you get such amazing animals!

You will continue to be my number one choice in the gecko community!

Thanx again!
I just want to say that I am so impressed with how fast I got my order, everything I ordered was there and in perfect conidtion. Thank you! You guys rock!
Where should I start ?

I was looking for a Chahoua a few weeks back and my searches brought me to Northern Gecko's website . At that point I was completely astonished by the sweet looking website that not many people have . After searching around the site for a good 20 minutes I decided to call Northern Gecko. That's when Mark answered the phone and it just got better. I was filled with so many questions and Mark answered all of them instantly and made me feel so comfortable about purchasing a new animal, let alone the fact that he stayed on the phone with me for 45 minutes talking to me about it. That to me was enough to trust Mark and his animals. That's customer service.

I then set up a time and date to meet him so I could choose my new gecko and that was a breeze because he was so flexible with working with my tough schedule. After arriving I was in shock after seeing some crazy geckos that I have always wanted to see in person. After talking and dealing with Mark for a whole 2 hours I was with him it felt like we had been friends for years or at least it did for me lol. It was such a welcoming experience that you don't get from many places today. After looking I then came home with my new Chahoua gecko. I was very excited and happy about how it was such a healthy, thick and alert gecko.

When I got home I put her in an enclosure which she had a little bit of getting used to. She was acting a little strange it seemed so I decided to call Mark. Wow did he help me out by staying with me on the phone and making me feel better about my concerns. So I changed a few things around according to what Mark told me and within a few days everything changed around for the best. That's when I realized WOW Mark knows his stuff !!

It was not long after that I had mark on the phone again. This time it wasn't for another question it was for another Chahoua gecko( Its addicting). We pretty much did the same process as when I bought my first gecko from Mark but I can say that each time it just gets better in every way. Once again it was a very personable and friendly experience dealing with him. I would also like to thank Reg at northern gecko as well for helping me out with a few of my newbie questions when Mark wasn't around he was a great help also in every way

Except the fact of getting sprayed with leachie poop all over my freshly washed clothes. Man, that was gross!!! Everyone was laughing and I was sitting there with leachie feces all over me. It wasn't long before I started to laugh with them. Who would want to buy a leachie that poops all over you? Well needless to say that will be my next purchase from Northern Gecko.

I can keep on going about Northern Gecko but I think this sums up the great experience that I had at Northern Gecko. Some last advice… Northern gecko's animals are very addicting and be careful of handling the leachies..

Wow this guy is amazing, Mark makes sure your get you products on time and also in excellent condition. If there are any problems he makes an effort to contact you right away. This company is great for everything. Thanks mark
Thanks Mark and Northern Gecko for making my gecko purchase easy and fast. I will be buying from you again!
Thanks for the great service and fast shipping!
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