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Square Punched Container with Flip Lid

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Square Punched Container with Flip Opening Lid


Square vented container  with the flip opening lid can be used for shipping purposes or raising invertebrates and insects. Square delis allow you to optimize the internal space within a shipping box, lowering the costs of shipping! 


  • Why use a 4.5″ round cup if you can fit your reptile/amphibian in and smaller square one. You can fit 18 in a 12x9x6 box compared to only 8, 8 oz round cups.
  • Ventilation hold are molded into the side of the cup so there are not any sharp edges. The small holes keep out flies.
  • The flip lid makes for easy feeding and watering for housing animals like tarantulas and small pac-man frogs.

These square delis can also be used to house small insects and invertebrates such as baby tarantulas. The flip lid allows for easy feeding and watering. The small ventilation holes along the side also prevent small flies from entering or escaping.




7 oz Square deli - 3.5″ x 1.75″ Tall  

24 oz Square deli - 4.5" x 3" Tall

80oz Square deli - 5" x 7" Tall



*Chahoua is pictured in the 24oz sized deli

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