Mist King Seconds Timer

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The wait is over! This is the best and most economical misting system timer out there. This timer addresses all of the timer caveats and limitations of current hardware store digital timers. Until now, there was no timer that could be this flexible.

This MistKing timer does it ALL
  • 8 programmable events
  • Ability to precisely set ON times on per second basis. (of course, per minute, hr, etc is also possible)
  • This timer has a rechargeable Ni-MH battery, which greatly reduces the problem of the hardware store digital lamp timers
  • 15A, 1700W, 115V-60Hz
  • UL approved in US and Canada

    If you're misting an animal enclosure, you now have the freedom and total control. Mist for a few seconds in the morning to rehydrate the environment. Mist for a few minutes in the afternoon to mimic natural weather patterns. If you're currently using a 'hardware store' digital timer with a 1 min minimum cycle time, then consider upgrading.

    What you should know when buying a digital timer

    Hardware store digital timers rely on watch style battery. When that battery is drained, there isn't enough current to trip the relay - your misting system can stay on 'forever' until you manually turn it off. Also, the programmed ON times are set on per minute basis. (smallest ON interval is 1 minute)

    Repeat cycle timers, address the above issues, but have pitfalls of their own. All ON and OFF cycles have to be the same in duration, which hardly mimics natural environment. RCT, keep cycling 24hr/day.
Mist King