Terms & Guarantees



We ship our products with UPS or Canada Post, depending in what region of Canada you are located. Service within Ontario and Quebec is typically one business day. Service to other provinces will range between two business days and four business days. In some extremely remote locations, six business days can be expected. Fuel surcharges and applicable sales taxes apply to all shipping costs based on the Province where the package is destined to arrive.


PLEASE MAKE SURE Your Shipping Address is Correct When paying with PayPal

When you purchase your products and choose PayPal as your payemnt method, it is very important that you include provide an ACCURATE shipping address with your payment. This policy MUST be followed with every purchase in order to comply with PayPal’s buyer and seller protection policies. If you do not provide an ACCURATE shipping address within PayPal we will not be held responsible for shipments that are lost or sent to an incorrect address.

It is the customers resposibility to provide accurate shipping address informaiton.  Northern Gecko Inc. will not be responsible for any loss of product or additional shipping costs incurred due to an incorrect shipping adddress being provided.  If a rediection of the package is required and it is not due to an error on Northern Gecko Inc's part then the customer wil be required to pay any additional fees to delvier the package. 



Due to the extra weight or size of some products we carry, we are unable to offer them under our normal shipping rates or the $100 free shipping rate. These items are classified as Heavy Weight Items; they fall under their own shipping rates. These charges are calculated based on the weight of the product and the location you are shipping to. These rates are calculated prior to purchasing through Canada Post or UPS. 

If your order falls under any one these categories you will recieve a phone call from the shipping department regarding the cost of shipping which will be billed to you once confirmation to proceed with the order is recieved. 


International Shipping of Dry Goods

We now offer shipping to a variety of international destinations. Please contact us for a quote.




After you purchase your gecko(s) you can be confident that we take care of every aspect required to make sure that your purchase arrives safely in your city. Your gecko(s) will fly from Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) to an airport in Canada that you specify. Your gecko(s) will fly via Air Canada Cargo Live or West Jet services. When your gecko(s) arrive at your airport of choice you will be required to pick them up at the appropriate cargo desk. It is that simple. Please read this entire section to familiarize yourself with what you will need to do after you pay for your gecko(s).


Canadian methods of payment:    

  • PayPal or email money transfers.
  • Payment via MasterCard or VISA over the telephone. Please call us at 416-630-0063 to process your payment.
    If you are in North America you can call us Toll-free at 1-855-GECKOIN' (432-5646).
  • Electronic Money Transfer (Interac EMT). Please make the answer to your security question: geckoin
  • Credit card payments can also be made via PayPal if you so desire.
  • Cash.
  • Personal Cheques (please note we will require two weeks for a personal cheque to clear before we will ship).
  • Bank Wire Transfer (please contact us for this information).
  • In person at trade shows we accept Cash, Interac, VISA & MasterCard as acceptable forms of payment.

International methods of payments: 

  • Bank Wire Transfer (please contact us for this information).
  • PayPal (European Union Countries USA ONLY)
  • Payment via MasterCard or VISA over the telephone. Please call us at 416-630-0063 to process your payment. (European Union Countries and USA ONLY)
  • Credit card payments can also be made via PayPal if you so desire. (European Union Countries and USA ONLY) 

*All pricing on animals and dry goods quoted on this site DO NOT include applicable Provincial or Federal Sales Taxes. Export orders are exempt from these taxes and will most likely be required upon import to the country of import based on the value of the goods. 

Shipping Address When Using PayPal

When you purchase your gecko(s) via PayPal it is very important that you include your shipping address with payment. This policy MUST be followed with every purchase in order to comply with PayPal’s buyer and seller protection policies. If you do not provide a shipping address within PayPal I cannot be held responsible for misdirected shipments that are addressed incorrectly.


WE DO NOT ship out automatically after I receive payment for an animal as I need to know that the customer will be available to pick them up. After you have paid for your animals via an appropriate method we will mutually arrange a shipping day and destination airport where you would like to pick up your animals. 

We are more than willing to hold your animals for you (free of charge) until we can find the right day to ship (for you, me and the geckos). Your geckos will be treated and cared for just like any other gecko in my facility. I would rather keep the geckos safe at my place for a longer period of time then risk their welfare by shipping during less than optimal conditions. 

Shipping must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance and will only be scheduled after payment has been made in full. For example, I cannot schedule a shipment contingent upon payment being made that day. 

A Note about Extreme Weather Conditions 

As you know, we live in a country that has some pretty extreme weather conditions. Please remember that I will not ship geckos in conditions that would prove to be lethal for the animals. This means that I will not ship Rhacodactylus geckos if outdoor temperatures are lower than 1°C (34°F) or greater than 25°C (77°F) in either my city or yours. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

A current Toronto five-day weather forecast can be found here: http://www.weatheroffice.gc.ca.

It remains the customer’s responsibility to check local weather forecasts on shipping day to make sure that temperatures will remain inside these parameters at the destination city.

  • In the summer, evening flights are sometimes an option in order to avoid daytime highs, as the gecko will arrive at the destination airport before/after daytime highs occur.
  • In the winter, there are usually some days that are above 1°C (34°F). These days, while few and far between, provide the perfect window to get geckos to their destination. Please be patient.
  • Heat packs and cold packs are provided at no additional charge and will be used as required. They cannot be used to avoid otherwise lethal temperatures though. If a shipment is delayed the heat/cold pack may stop working before the animal arrives at its destination.

Please be patient and wait for the right day to ship. This is better than receiving a gecko that is extra crispy or requires thawing. Rest assured that until your geckos ship I will look after them the same way I look after all of my geckos. 

While I want to do everything to make my customers happy, please remember that the health and well-being of an animal will always come first. I will not knowingly jeopardize the welfare of an animal by shipping them when it is not safe to do so. I do not offer refunds because a customer does not want to wait for an animal to be shipped safely. 

Shipping Method

After you purchase your geckos and we have scheduled a flight, your geckos will be packed up very carefully in a certified approved container for shipping live reptiles. The container has ¾” Styrofoam inserts for insulation. This maintains the temperature inside the box during travel. The box is clearly marked indicating the presence of live animals within the box and that it should be handled with one side up and kept at room temperature as much as possible. Hot or cold packs are inserted (when required) to ensure that your animals remain at the appropriate temperature for shipping. 

We then take your geckos to the airport for shipping via either Air Canada Cargo or West Jet. If all flights depart and arrive as scheduled, there is no reason that your geckos should spend more than twelve hours inside the shipping container. This is much better than overnight shipping which is common in the USA. Although it is somewhat more expensive than overnight air shipping (not an option in Canada), you get same day delivery which is less risky and/or stressful for your geckos.

Shipping Costs

Typically, your order can be shipped coast to coast within Canada for a maximum fee of CAN $65.00. This shipping charge is the customer’s responsibility and you will be required to pay this amount before we ship to you, unless otherwise agreed upon beforehand.

When required, boxes and shipping materials, heat and cold packs will be provided free of charge.

NOTE: Because air shipping fees are so costly, it often makes sense to purchase more than one gecko per order, as shipping costs do not increase if you order one gecko or ten. The animals are so light that really you are paying for the real estate of a decent sized box (16” x 12” x 8”), as there is a minimum box size that can be shipped. I often suggest if you have friends in the same city/area, that you pool your orders together so that you can split shipping charges. It is somewhat expensive to send one gecko via air, but gets considerably less expensive if you divide that cost by three geckos (or even ten).

Don’t Forget These Items before You Head To the Airport

  • Remember to bring your waybill number (provided by me when I schedule the flight).
  • Bring at least one piece of government issued photo ID, as you will be required to prove who you are before the geckos will be released to you.

Local Pick-up

Due to increased security concerns within the reptile hobby, I will no longer be offering local pick-up of purchased animals. If you live close to the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and would like to arrange to pick-up your animals locally, we can arrange a mutual meeting location for me to deliver your geckos to you. Please contact me before placing an order to make sure that we can make adequate arrangements for local pick-up.

Additionally, I usually attend all Reptile Expos in Ontario and Quebec (www.reptileexpo.ca). If you wish to have your geckos brought to the next Reptile Expo for pick-up please notify me at least one week in advance and I will have no problem bringing your purchases to the show. 


Northern Gecko guarantees that from the moment you receive your gecko it is alive (obviously), healthy and alert. Whether you are picking up the gecko locally in Toronto or if you ask us to ship it across Canada, your new gecko will be in top shape. This is my commitment to you. Please review the policies below so that you can know how to get the most from my guarantee.

Live Arrival Guarantee

Every gecko I sell is backed by a live arrival guarantee; however it is important that you are aware of the conditions in which I WILL NOT offer a live arrival guarantee:

  • If outdoor temperatures are lower than 1°C (34°F) or greater than 25°C (77°F) I cannot guarantee live arrival as Rhacodactylus geckos are very sensitive to extreme temperatures (especially extreme heat). I will not put your gecko(s) at risk by shipping outside of these temperatures, however if you insist that I ship your gecko(s) against my recommendation the buyer shall assume responsibility and my live arrival guarantee is null and void. Please make sure that you are aware of local weather forecasts in your city on the day of shipping. You can check weather forecasts here.
  • The live arrival guarantee assumes that someone will be present to pick up the gecko(s) when they arrive. If no one is there to accept shipment upon arrival then the live arrival guarantee shall be null and void.

If an animal arrives expired (this has never happened yet) you MUST notify me within 12 hours of receipt. If I hear nothing from you within 12 hours I will assume the animals arrived alive and in good health and you are satisfied with your purchase. In the event that an animal arrives expired, photographic evidence will be required. If you cannot provide photographic evidence then you will be required to ship the expired animal back at your expense. An animal that is DOA will be replaced or a credit will be offered at our discretion.

7-Day Health Guarantee

I guarantee that all geckos I sell are 100% healthy animals when they leave my facility. For this reason I am willing to extend a 7-day health guarantee on all of my stock. If you are having problems with a newly acquired gecko that you purchased from me it is essential that you to contact me as soon as possible so that I can offer suggestions to remedy the situation. If you contact me after a gecko’s demise there are no suggestions I can offer you at that point. Adjusting to a new enclosure and new surroundings can sometimes be a stressful period for a gecko. For this reason it is important to keep an eye on your new gecko(s) for the first week or so. Beyond the seven day period I am unable to offer a health guarantee as I have no control over how the geckos will be looked after or to what diseases or parasites they might be exposed. 

Sexing Policy

If I specify that a gecko is male or female then I make a 100% guarantee that it is sexed correctly. If I specify that a gecko is 95% female this means that there is a 5% chance that the assumption is erroneous, and it may in fact become male. Since all geckos look like females from birth and do not show any signs of being male until a certain size (usually 10-15 grams) I am not able to make a 100% guarantee on sex for animals quoted as such. There is always a chance, no matter how slim, that male organs can begin to develop. These geckos are not offered as 100% guaranteed sexable animals for this reason. Unsexed animals are offered with no promise of what sex they might become as there have yet to display any signs of sexual maturity. In the unlikely event that a gecko has been sexed incorrectly and my 100% sexing guarantee applies then the gecko will be replaced with one of the correct sex or a credit will be issued at our discretion. 

Gecko Tails

Geckos can drop their tails as a self-defence mechanism or for no apparent reason at all. I have personally witnessed this on several occasions and it can leave even the most avid hobbyist scratching their head. Some species regrow their tails while others will not. In the wild, many geckos will drop their tail to escape a predator and will live a long and normal life without it. It is for this reason that a lost tail is not considered to be a defect. This being the case, I cannot be held responsible if a gecko loses its tail during shipping. This has never happened to date but it is important that I state this policy as it is within the realm of possibility.

Gecko Colour

I have spent thousands of dollars on high-end lighting, camera equipment and software in order to represent my geckos as accurately as possible. Regardless of the quality of camera and lighting equipment used, colours will always look just a little bit different on each individual monitor. I have several monitors in my home I know that even from one computer to the next colours can appear slightly different. In fact, it is virtually impossible to make every picture look exactly the same on every person’s monitor. However, you can rest assured that the only modifications ever made to our photographs are resizing (shrinking), cropping and white balance adjustments (if the gecko comes out too red, too blue or too green). We will never modify a picture to make a gecko seem brighter or more high-contrast then it actually is.

There are many factors that affect a gecko’s colouration, such as the presence of food, level of stress and environmental factors like humidity. I photograph my geckos in a state when they are “fired up,” meaning that they are showing some of their finest colours. However, no matter how hard you try to get them in this state the geckos do not always cooperate. It is for this reason that I have often heard that the gecko ended up arriving looking “much nicer than it does in pictures.” To date, I have never had a single customer complain that the gecko they received had colouration that was misrepresented by its picture. In fact, I hear allot of the opposite as many people often tell me the picture did not do the gecko justice. With this in mind please be aware that I cannot offer refunds based on a lack of or misrepresentation of colour.

Ensuring You Get Your Gecko of Choice & Deposits - IMPORTANT!!

A gecko cannot be put on HOLD without a deposit. Unfortunately, we have had a few too many customers tell us they want a certain gecko and then not follow through with payment. We feel this is unfair to other customers who end up picking their 2nd or 3rd choice, only to find out their first choice has become available again. As a result, we will not mark any gecko on HOLD without a deposit or full payment. These two methods are the only way to ensure a gecko(s) is reserved for you. We will process reservations and payments for geckos in the order in which they are received, via e-mail or phone. Phone calls will take precedence over e-mail communications.  Until a deposit or payment is received all geckos are for sale to any customer. 

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to put an animal on HOLD. After this deposit is received the animal will be marked as 'on HOLD' with your initials until the final payment is received by an agreed upon date. If payment is not completed for any reason during the agreed upon time period, your deposit may be forfeited at our discretion. We reserve the right to deny a HOLD payment on certain items.

Payment Plans

We only offer one payment plan.  You will be required to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit.  The final payment will then be due one month from the deposit date.  Sometimes for larger sized orders (10 or more animals) we can negotiate other plans. If I agree to the plan, then we have a deal. We will work out a payment schedule and agree upon the schedule. The catch is that you must follow through with all payments as agreed upon or you forfeit all payments that have already been made. The animal will be put on HOLD until the payment plan is complete. The animal can then be shipped after full payment has been received.

Waiting Lists

Some of the animals we breed are in short supply and we only produce several per year. If you wish to be added to a waiting list for any particular animal, please send your request to Northern Gecko and we will add you to the waiting list for that particular animal. Sometimes, with high demand animals, a deposit may be required to hold this animal for you.

If a HOLD payment had been made and we can no longer provide this animal for you, we may offer you a substitute animal (we usually make these deals VERY sweet as we HATE to disappoint our customers) or we will refund your deposit.

All Sales Are Final

Unless the item(s) purchased are not available at the time of sale or final payment, all sales are final. After purchase you are still protected by my seven-day health guarantee (please see further down this page) once the animal is in your possession. In the event that the item can no longer be provided and a payment has already been made a credit or refund will be offered at our discretion.