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Gecko Supplies – Habitats For Geckos, Habitat Décor, Gecko Food, Health Care, & Gecko Accessories

Geckos are easily identifiable and stand out from other lizards in the reptile family.  They make excellent pets and are the most kept variety of reptile.  This is because they are gentle by nature and emit unique vocalizations.  They employ various chirping sounds to communicate and are the only lizard to use any type of speech.  This also makes them more endearing to owners and adds to their desirability.  The anatomy of a gecko features toe pads, specialized for adhesive capabilities so they can walk or climb on smooth surfaces.  They are even able to walk across a ceiling, upside down.  They are nocturnal and have extremely light sensitive eyes boasting some 350 times greater night vision compared to humans.  Due to their preferred diet of insects and mosquito’s, even wild geckos are often allowed to reside in people’s homes to keep the pests away.

Northern Gecko is a specialty supply store featuring only high quality products from the best manufacturers globally.  Any product you find in the store is pre-approved by the owner, a fellow gecko enthusiast.  Every part of your pet geckos life is addressed and allows Northern Gecko to be a one-stop-shop for all your pet supply needs.

If this is your first gecko, Northern Gecko can provide all the advice you need in order to select the best gecko habitat, gecko lighting, gecko heaters and gecko habitat décor to make your new pet feel right at home.  The proper habitat, outfitted with the correct reptile bedding, natural food and water bowls will allow your gecko to thrive.

Northern Gecko Supply Store

Northern Gecko has an extensive inventory of the highest quality gecko products at the lowest prices.  Our knowledge and experience with these animals allows us to provide quality service and ensure you make the right decisions for your pet.  

At Northern Gecko we know that your gecko is a part of your family.  Our sales employees are all gecko owners too, so we know what we’re talking about and can steer new owners in the right direction.  Keeping a gecko, as part of your family is a fun and enjoyable experience - we are here to help!





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