NewCal Jungle Pods, 2 Pack
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NewCal Jungle Pods, 2 Pack

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    The "Jungle Pod" is a seed from the Sterculia foetida tree; commonly known as the wild almond tree or java olive tree.

    These jungle pods are rich brown in coloration with a thick wood like texture to the outer shell, naturally caused by the drying out process that occurs from the sun. Making each pod unique in size, color, shape, and texture!

    Get creative with these beautiful seed pods. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they provide various functional uses within a bioactive terrarium or aquarium setting.

    In a bioactive terrarium setting this pod provides security to many amphibians or small geckos in the form of a hide/shelter, while also providing a naturalistic look to your terrarium. The characteristics of this pod allows it to withstand any natural decomposition in a humid environment. In an aquarium the jungle pod adds to the natural biotope and creates additional hiding areas for small fish.


    Aquarium Preperation:

    Boil the Jungle Pod for an hour or more to saturate to pod in order for it to sink!